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LUMIX Stories for Change: Frederick Paxton

LUMIX Stories for Change is an ongoing collaboration between British Journal of Photography and Panasonic LUMIX that celebrates the power of photography in driving positive change. This summer, three photographers will each be awarded a grant and a LUMIX S Series kit to create a new body of work around the themes Inclusion and Belonging. Below Frederick Paxton discusses what he has planned. “Often, complex systems of government and geopolitics dominate the narratives of certain countries and sport can offer an unexpected window into these worlds,” writes Frederick Paxton, a photographer and filmmaker based in London. “Through sport, you see expressions of both national and personal identity. By understanding the subculture of the sport you can begin to understand the society that it reflects.”  For his Stories for Change project, Paxton, who is represented by Academy‘s new stills agency, will immerse himself in one sport, in one country. The project could take a number of forms. Paxton wants to be led by the people he meets and the things he experiences — he is is open to the …


Iceland – the smallest-ever country in the World Cup

For a country with a population of only 340,000 – more or less equal to the London Borough of Ealing – qualifying for this year’s Fifa World Cup was a miracle. It is the smallest-ever country to participate, and in its first match, it managed to hold Argentina to a 1-1 draw. 99.6% of Iceland’s TV viewers tuned in to watch the game, making it the most-viewed sporting event in the country’s history. 

“They really are crazy about football,” says Matteo de Mayda, an Italian photographer who travelled to Iceland with journalist Cosimo Bizzarri earlier this year to document the sport in Iceland. “It’s a miracle for them to be at the World Cup, and a miracle to draw against Argentina.”


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