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Constructing Vision: Award winning architectural exhibition opens

Photography and architecture form an unlikely alliance. Photography is time, architecture is space. Architecture is volume, photography is flat. Buildings are made to last, where photography is endlessly reproducible, endlessly malleable, in our digital age. Yet since the photograph’s conception, the two have been inseparable. Be it a bitumen-coated plate or a memory card, photography is our primary medium to communicate and digest architecture, constantly transforming how we perceive and value the world. Building Images, an exhibition of the best architectural photography worldwide, explores the complexity and power of this relationship, showcasing a myriad of interpretations and representations some of the world’s most renowned architectural photographers have to offer. The exhibition, which opens on the 4th of February, features the winning images from The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2015. Divided into four categories methodology – Building in use, Exteriors, Interiors and Sense of Place – Building Images demonstrates a broad range of photographic styles and approaches to the medium as well as featuring a diverse set of outstanding architectural forms. Work from overall winner …


BJP Staff