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EyeEm and VII Photo team up for Untold Stories

Founded five years ago, EyeEm has gone through several iterations – at once an online photographic community, a social network and a magazine. Their most recent and successful business model has been as a marketplace for imagery, giving photographers the chance to sell their images via agencies like Getty Images. While the Berlin company is clearly more aligned with the tech industry’s Silicon Valley DNA, they’ve been making in-roads with serious photographers. They recently held their first EyeEm festival in Germany, receiving 100,000 entries. Now, they’ve teamed up with VII Photo Agency to find the best emerging talent on their platform under the banner of Untold Stories. “It came from several discussions I had with Ed Kashi and Ron Haviv,” explains Severin Matusek, Vice President of Community at EyeEm. He was impressed with VII’s sought-after mentorship scheme which has ran since 2008, connecting young photojournalists with an experienced VII photographer for two years and gain the benefit of their knowledge and experience. “I wanted to do something similar with EyeEm, but with amateur shooters. Most people …


Concerns mount over Getty Images’ free-for-all

On 05 March Getty Images launched an embed programme that will allow anyone to use 35 million of its images free for non-commercial purposes. The decision, taken to stop the widespread unauthorised use of images with attribution, has shaken the market, with independent photographers calling on Getty Images to rethink its strategy. [bjp_ad_slot] BJP has reached out to representative organisations around the world, with the American Society of Media Photographers expressing its unease . “The ASMP, as always, is concerned for the long-term ability of photographers to earn a sustainable living,” says executive director Eugene Mopsik. “We embrace the idea of using new technologies to give publishers at all levels access to great imagery. We look to companies like Getty to use these technologies to create new income streams for photographers. We don’t expect the entire pie, just a fair and reasonable piece. “Photographers create the visual heritage of our society including not only editorial images but also advertising, corporate, architecture, and sports – the significant moments of our lives. We need to ensure that photography remains a …


BPPA denounces Getty move as ‘massively cynical’

“The reality is that there was a sort of sad inevitability about it,” says Jeff Moore, chairman of the British Press Photographers’ Association, the first representative organisation to react to Getty Images’ embed programme. “Something like this was going to happen at some point. We’ve got YouTube and Vimeo, why did we think we’d be any different?” [bjp_ad_slot] But he adds that photographers will feel the pinch from the resulting change in the way images are used online. “It’s going to make people redundant,” he says. “It’s going to put people out of work, without a shadow of a doubt. The first ones to fall will be small and independent freelancers and smaller agencies that are relying on small internet sales. “Getty was one of the big agencies that was helping the creative industry in trying to make the internet work, making it pay, and they decided to go into the opposite direction. I think we were starting to get the message out. “Of course, we were never going to be able to convince everyone to …


10 things you need to know about Getty’s embed tool

Getty Images is revolutionising the photography market, once again, by making most of its photography free to use through a new embedding feature. But what does it mean for professional photographers and the market in general? [Read our full coverage here] We list the 10 most important facts you need to know about this deal. 1. How exactly will it work? Anyone with a blog, a WordPress account, a Twitter handle or a Tumblr, to name just a few, can now select and any of Getty Images’ 35 million photographs and embed them in their content – as long as the images are not used for commercial purposes. 2. What does the embed player look like? It has a width of  594 pixels and a height of 465 pixels. It cannot be resized. It includes the image, without a watermark, with the name of the photographer and the collection, plus the Getty Images logo. This information cannot be removed. Here’s an example: 3. How is commercial use defined? Getty Images defines “commercial use” as the promotion …


Getty Images makes 35 million images free to use

The stock agency’s controversial move is set to draw professional photographers’ ire at a time when the stock photography market is already marred by low prices and under attack from new mobile photography players. Getty Images’ reasoning is that it is the best alternative given that the agency is not strong enough to control how the internet – and, with it, users’ online behaviour – has developed. [bjp_ad_slot] “We’re really starting to see the extent of online infringement,” says Craig Peters, senior vice president of business development, content and marketing at Getty Images. “In essence, everybody today is a publisher thanks to social media and self-publishing platforms. And it’s incredibly easy to find content online and simply right-click to utilise it.” In the past few years, Getty Images has found its content was “incredibly used” in this manner online, says Peters. “And it’s not used with a watermark; instead it’s typically found on one of our valid licensing customers’ websites or through an image search. What we’re finding is that the vast majority of infringement …


National Geographic launches in-house stock agency

The in-house agency, called National Geographic Creative, is a new portal that “gives professional content buyers immediate access to hundreds of photographs and footage as well as National Geographic’s pool of award-winning photographers and filmmakers,” says the 125-year-old magazine. The agency will license National Geographic photography and video to commercial and editorial clients and makes National Geographic talent available for custom marketing campaigns, in branded and non-branded formats, it says. [bjp_ad_slot] “National Geographic has one of the world’s richest archives of still and moving imagery, with a perspective that we believe is unique to the market,” says Alice Keating, vice president of sales and marketing at National Geographic Creative. “Using the expertise of our talent and the unique imagery of National Geographic, we have collaborated with global brands such as Canon, HSBC and DuPont to create advertising campaigns and corporate branding materials. With National Geographic Creative, we hope to expand our services to an even wider array of advertisers, marketers, editorial publishers and other creative professionals, as we make it easier than ever for them …


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