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Vivek Vadoliya questions what it means to be beautiful

“I think the trigger point for my projects often ends up being about understanding where I fit into the world,” reflects London-based photographer Vivek Vadoliya. Growing up, the British Asian artist’s perception of beauty was complex – epitomised by the quintessential English Rose, the Bollywood starlet, and, above all, the fairness embodied by them both. Vadoliya internalised these ideals. But, by his mid-twenties, he had realised that they were absurd. The gradual shift in Vadoliya’s understanding of beauty contributed to the development of his artistic practice. “[Challenging my own ideals] has really fed into the types of people I photograph and how I show them,” he explains. The artist’s work is grounded in an anthropological approach, which foregrounds the overlooked communities and subcultures on which it centres.  For Through the Eyes – a new creative series from Ace & Tate that, through talks and the commissioning of new work, invites visual artists to explore different themes – Vadoliya was keen to create a body of work distinct from his traditional practice, while still interrogating the …


Get inspired, get seen and get paid with our new 1854 Access membership

We are delighted to unveil our new memberships platform, 1854 Access. For the first time, photography lovers will have the opportunity to become fully involved with every aspect of 1854 Media. With benefits spanning our editorial, awards and commercial platforms, 1854 Access is an essential tool for anyone who is serious about photography. Members can choose between Full Access or Digital Access memberships. The former includes a print subscription to British Journal of Photography, the world’s longest-established and leading authority on contemporary photography. Full Access members will receive our beautifully crafted and multi award-winning magazine delivered to their door every month, and each edition will come with an exclusive, collectable cover – a perk just for our members and subscribers. Both Full Access and Digital Access members can also enjoy an ad-free digital subscription to British Journal of Photography, meaning they can get the latest stories on their mobile or tablet, on the go. This includes more than five years of back issues from the archive, so members can start building their collection right away. …


The photography Masters degree shaped by its students

A young boy sits in an armchair. Wearing a woollen cardigan, his hands loosely grip the side of the chair. His expression is neither buoyant nor sad. For all intents and purposes, this is just an ordinary photograph of an ordinary boy, yet the image forms the basis of an academic essay. Written by Benjamin Matthews – a part-time Masters student currently reading Photography: History, Theory, Practice at University of Sussex – the paper investigates the attribution of victimhood to subjects in images where an act of injustice is suggested but not shown. With this context, the significance of the photograph becomes apparent. The image is part of a collection of material held at The Keep archive, and donated by relatives of German-Jewish families who survived the Holocaust. “The photograph is of a young boy who was tragically killed in Auschwitz,” explains Matthews, “but it was taken before he was transported. The image itself does not contain any reference to the young boy’s murder, it was taken as a family photograph, yet its place within …


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