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The Unreliable Narrator: how should we represent terror?

At the Whitechapel Gallery in London, the British artists Karen Mirza and Brad Butler are currently screening The Unreliable Narrator, an installation, photography and essay-based film that connects CCTV footage of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks with Bollywood depictions of the event. As a narrator intones on the state of the globalised world, we see unvarnished, documentary footage and still imagery of the victims’ last moments before they are executed, before the same scenes are dramatised, and sensationalised, in Bollywood cinema. The film has been criticised for acting as a highly-conceptual snuff movie. To that, they defend themselves via a quote from the cultural theorist Stuart Hall. “The process of representation has entered into the event itself. In a way, it doesn’t exist meaningfully until it has been represented, and representation doesn’t occur after the event; representation is constitutive of the event”. [bjp_ad_slot] The Mumbai attackers spent most of their onslaught on their phones, uploading their massacre to the internet. One fighter, the film points out, shot at police and filmed at the same time. The movies …


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