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Tim Hetherington Trust unveils new award shortlist

The legacy of British photographer and filmmaker Tim Hetherington lives on in a brand new award that celebrates innovation in visual storytelling. More than sixty photographers, filmmakers and visual artists were nominated for the £20,000 Visionary Award by an international team of industry experts, and six (four individuals and a duo) have made the shortlist. Dominic Bracco II was chosen for The Backs of Men, a three-chapter series that combines photography, video and theatre to explore the border region of Texas and Mexico, and ‘the killing fields’ of Honduras. Colombia-based Erika Diettes was shortlisted for Reliquaries, an installation that looks at the country’s ‘disappeared’ by encasing photographs and objects that belong to the missing persons in an amber-like substance. These ‘memorials’ will be arranged in a designated space to evoke the feeling of walking through a graveyard. The short film Fight Hate With Love, created by Andrew Michael Ellis and Mediastorm, follows young black American Michael Tabon, caught up in a cycle of imprisonment but now focused on promoting his message of community, love and …


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