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London exhibition showcases a new generation of conceptual photographers from across Africa

“Photography in Africa is controversial,” says Eva Langret, curator of The View From Here, an exhibition showcasing photography from Africa and its diaspora at Tiwani Contemporary, displayed until the 27 June. The camera, the exhibition posits, has been misused. Photographs have been misrepresented. It has objectified the African experience, and its relationships to past colonies. But, in recent years, the camera has also become a tool of empowerment. The seven African artists exhibiting are aware of this contradiction. They have given up on using photography as a documentation tool and instead adopted personal and subjective approaches that speak, perhaps more accurately, of wider issues. They seek to make sense of their personal narratives through collective history, between memories, the present and the self, in relation to our sense of place and belonging, of how photography can relate to, and comment on, other popular media and practices. The work of Mimi Cherono Ng’ok greets us with shots of a strangely unanimated Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Before arriving in Senegal, she started to become familiar with the …


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