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Complex Problems, Simple Solutions at Roman Road

Broadly defined as the use of language that has a persuasive or impressive effect, rhetoric was at the heart of social and political life in ancient Greece and Rome. Dating back to the 4th century BC, it was an esteemed practice among Greek speakers who would adopt this art of communication to influence their hearers towards a certain course of action. While rhetoric is often regarded as speech that lacks sincerity, it is essentially the skill of a speaker to use reasoned argument to persuade. The question is, as Tom Esam addresses in his first solo exhibition at Roman Road: have politicians lost the art of rhetoric? Esam has dedicated his contemporary practice to exploring the ways in which slogans and imagologies are used in advertisements, charity promotions and political campaigns. Often using his surname and image in his artworks, he highlights the ways in which such propagandist tools can be used to create covert systems of ideals and anti-ideals that aim to influence our behaviours and opinions. With his Complex Problems, Simple Solutions, Esam expands …


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