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Travis Hodges: The Quantified Self

“I’m fascinated by our changing relationship with technology,” says 33-year-old photographer Travis Hodges. “I began to explore this in my project about Twitter, Follow Me, which looks at how social media influences the way we build and maintain relationships. The Quantified Self came about as a result of my research into the new ways we are using technology. I noticed the growth of wearable technology and decided to turn my camera towards the people who are embracing this data-driven future.” Hodges’ project includes a wide range of people using self-tracking in many different ways; in each case he’s carefully lit and shot the person involved, and combined these portraits with charts of their data. One image shows a man recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes who uses technology to track his blood sugar levels, for example; another a weight lifter who has been digitally recording his progress for three years. “The growth of smartphones, apps and wearable tracking devices has made it possible for anyone to gather and use data about an area of their …


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