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VIDEO: Phil Toledano – When I Was Six

His only remaining memories are of beating on her bedroom door, shouting that he wished she was dead. And the police coming to tell them the news. Phil Toledano was six and Claudia nine when she died in a fire. Partly to protect him, Claudia was almost never spoken of again. In turn, he somehow managed to block her out. He can’t remember anything of the years after she died. He developed a strange fixation with space, distant planets, the seemingly serene, slow-moving existence of being an astronaut. His only other memories of her were as a baby or toddler, he says. “But that doesn’t make any sense, because she was nine when she died, and I was only six.” When his parents died, Toledano discovered a case in the back of their wardrobe. It was full of Claudia’s belongings, and of pictures they had taken of her. BJP – Phil Toledano – When I was Six from Apptitude Media on Vimeo. “When I saw the pictures, she seemed so grown up, and that was so …


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