New flatbed scanners from Epson

Epson Perfection V850 scanner

Epson launches two new flatbed scanners: the Perfection V850 Pro and Perfection V800 Photo

Two new flatbed scanners – the Perfection V850 Pro (aimed at professionals and ‘advanced amateurs’) and Perfection V800 Photo – were announced this morning by Epson, building on the success of the Perfection V700 range, according to the company.

Incorporating advanced Digital ICE technology for dust and scratch removal, a dual lens system for optimised film (6400dpi) and photo (4800dpi) scanning, and high optical density (4.0 DMax) for accurate tone reproduction, the scanners “provide the ultimate in professional scanning quality”, says Epson.

The new scanners can process a wide range of film formats, which include: 35mm strip, 35mm slide, medium format and 5×4 inch.

At the time of writing Epson had not released details of pricing and availability.

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