The Ultimate Sailor: under construction

All images © the artist, courtesy Het Scheepvaartmuseum

A new photography exhibition exploring the modern sailor is about to open at Amsterdam's Het Scheepvaartmuseum - The National Maritime Museum.

Photographers Koen Hauser, Jan Hoek, Marie-José Jongerius, and Aisha Zeijpveld demonstrate their vision of the sailor of today.

The exhibition shows three diverse photographic series and a video installation that explores how the sailor and pirate diverge from modern perceptions.

The 'real' Somali pirates - Jan Hoek

The stereotypical and sometimes caricatured image we have of sailors has been reflected for centuries in our stories, plays, prints, and paintings.

The role of the sailor has changed drastically over the centuries. This discordance between modern-day mariners and their historical image inspired Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam’s National Maritime museum to develop a new image of the sailor by inviting four photographers to reflect on this theme.

Meisje Loos - Aisha Zeijpveld

In September, the month of photography, the museum will collaborate with the Unseen Photo Fair.

The Ultimate Sailor: Under Construction runs until 29 September 2016. For more information see here

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