Call for entries – Jerwood Photoworks Awards 2016

Tereza Zelenkova, The Unseen, originally commissioned through Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015, at Jerwood Space, November 2015. Image © Anna Arca

The second national Jerwood/Photoworks Awards is open for entries, seeking outstanding proposals from UK-based artists and photographers using new approaches to photography in their practice.

Launched in 2014, the awards are presented every two years, the awards are open to all art practitioners based in the UK and within ten years of establishing their photographic careers.

Three Awards of £5000 each will be awarded to support the production of new work and a group exhibition in London as part of the Jerwood Visual Art programme at Jerwood Space with a subsequent UK tour.

Alongside this, a mentoring programme will support the three artists for twelve months after selection. The confirmed mentors include photographers Rut Blees Luxemburg, Mitch Epstein, Mark Power; curator Fariba Farshad; writer and art advisor Francis Hodgson; publisher Michael Mack and gallerist Maureen Paley.

The previous winners of the first Jerwood/Photoworks Awards were Joanna Piotrowska, Matthew Finn and Tereza Zelenkova, who all produced black-and-white works in distinctly diverse and radical new ways.

The selection panel for this year will include Celia Davies, director of Photoworks; Sarah Williams, Jerwood Visual Arts; photographers Anna Fox and Ori Gersht; and writer and artist Mark Durden.

“We’re looking for well thought-out proposals that use, make, exploit and reflect on the potential of photography within our contemporary visual culture and how in turn this contributes to photography as a wider practice” says Celia Davies. “The awards are not just a fund, but a process of opportunity and development for practitioners. Strong artistic proposals will tell us what the idea is, what individuals want to achieve with this award, what opportunities the award presents to them and, importantly, why the award is right for applicants at this point in their ongoing artistic development.”

Sarah Williams adds, “These Awards are distinct from current opportunities in photography and focus on supporting the creation and exhibition of substantial new work, including a valuable ongoing programme of professional mentorship from a dream list of practitioners.”

Photographers have until 2 November 2016 to submit their work.

For more details about the competition and how to enter, go here.

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