Portrait of Britain

Portrait of Britain 2017: Championing public art

Jenny Lewis with Corinne, the subject of her selected portrait

95 percent of viewers surveyed support Portrait of Britain's drive to make the best of contemporary photography accessible to all

At Monday’s Portrait of Britain 2017 closing party, Ben Maher from JCDecaux  spoke about the overwhelmingly positive response to the exhibition from viewers up and down the country.

A unique showcase of the best of contemporary photographic talent, with 100 portraits displayed on a network of digital screens across Britain, Portrait of Britain, in partnership with JCDecaux and Nikon, was envisioned as an exhibition for the people, by the people. 

Ben Maher from JCDecaux, in front of ‘Student – Results Day’ by Natasha Alipour-Faridani

This year’s Portrait of Britain has succeeded at fulfilling this aim with millions of people feeling prouder of, and more in touch with, British society and culture as a result of seeing the exhibition. Showcasing the many faces of modern Britain, POB is a testament to the diversity and strength of our society even at a time of such political division.

Corrine © Jenny Lewis

HOME from the series Looking for Alice © Sian Davies

Laura Pannack, Hannah Knizova and friends

Hannah Knizova and Daniel Lismore

Monday’s event was a celebration of the photographers, their subjects and our incredible partners, Nikon and JCDecaux, without whom this year’s Portrait of Britain wouldn’t have been possible.

Many of the photographers and their sitters were in attendance, including Corinne Jones, a former resident of Grenfell Tower, photographed by Jenny Lewis, and Daniel Lismore, the acclaimed London-based designer and stylist, shot by Hannah Knizova. It was fantastic to celebrate with the photographers, alongside the incredible individuals captured in their selected works, and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved.

Portrait of Britain 2017 will be on view for the remainder of the week across JCDecaux screens in all major rail stations, shopping malls and high streets.

Jason © Matt Stronge

Alice in the Mist © Alice Hayes

Limited-edition prints of the featured portraits are available here and to own a selection in print, purchase the special Portrait of Britain edition of the magazine here.

If you missed the chance to enter this year’s Portrait of Britain, make sure to submit to the International Photography Awards here.

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