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Juan Peces’ Best of 2017

Deer-man. “It was still a time when a Udege, looking at a deer, he thought he saw a deer-man (...) When he saw a tiger, he thought he saw a tiger-man. In those times all sort of things happened to people. Such things happened that nowadays do not”. Edge tale. From The Hunt © Alvaro Laiz, published by Dewi Lewis

The Madrid-based photography correspondent reports on the Spanish top five of 2017 - including Álvaro Laiz's The Hunt

 Álvaro Laiz’s The Hunt, published by Dewi Lewis
The story of a tiger and a man versus nature, evil vs good, and legend vs reality, with echoes of Moby Dick. A haunting story with perfectly-executed photography and narrative, designed by Ramon Pez.

Elisa González Miralles’ Wannabe, published by La Fábrica
A powerful metaphor of the way society represents women rendered in a  photobook of rare quality. The author was shortlisted for the 2016 Unseen Dummy Award.

Ricardo Cases’ Sol, published by Dalpine
The photographer, who exhibited his latest work in Madrid in February at La Fresh Gallery, just published his project about the sun and it blinding effects on perception/reception. It is, in his words, his most bizarre photobook so far.

Un cierto panorama. Reciente fotografía de autor en España, group exhibition and book curated by Jesús Micó
The title translates as “A certain panorama. Recent author photography in Spain”, and it is the most important survey of Spanish photography in years. The exhibition was held at the Sala Canal de Isabel II during PhotoEspaña in June, and the catalogue was published by AECID/Comunidad de Madrid.

Cristobal Hara’s Los rojos, published by Ediciones Anómalas
A visual treatment of the colour red by the Spanish master of colour photography, and the latest item in his series Ensayos banales [“Banal Essays”].

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