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The private window to invest in 1854 Media is now open

This is it. Your chance to own a piece of our future — to join us in championing meaningful media — is now. We hope that owning shares in a historical brand like British Journal of Photography, coupled with the potential for a healthy, tax-free return, is an exciting prospect in itself. That being said, we know a little extra never hurts. Invest in 1854 Media now, and alongside your shares in the company, you’ll be eligible for a roster of high-value rewards. £10+ | Own a piece of history Congratulations — you can tell your friends you own part of the oldest consumer photography brand in the world, and that you’re helping build platforms to support photographers all over the world. £250+ | Prizes + free delivery On top of your shares, we’ll enter you into a competition to win a year of Digital Access membership, a voucher for the BJP shop or an issue of BJP with a stylish tote bag. Plus, free delivery on your next order from the BJP shop. £1,000+ …


Amour: The transience of life and love along the Amur River

Claudine Doury’s latest photobook, Amour, is a love story. The photographer shot the images that comprise it  during three visits to the Amur River, Russia, spanning almost 30 years. Amour is a story about the people and landscapes that the photographer encountered along its banks. But, the book is also a love story about  Doury’s journey, her photographic career, and what drove her to this 4,000km stretch of land as a young photographer in 1991, six years later in 1997, and once more in 2018. “The book marks the end of a cycle,” says Doury, who made her first trip to Russia not long after she became a photographer, following a short career as a picture editor in Paris. Having learned Russian for many years at school, after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Doury was desperate to visit. The photographer was drawn to the Amur River because of its similarity to the French word for love, Amour, but also because it forms a large part of Russia’s border with China.  “It was …


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