BJP is available to read on the iPad and the iPhone. Each edition has been designed specifically for each device…

BJP Plus

Available monthly, our award-winning iPad edition is tailor-made for the iPad’s unique digital environment, making full use of its tactile navigational tools and spectacular, backlit display, transforming our acclaimed mix of arresting imagery, elegant design and thought-provoking articles, truly bringing the magazine to life on a digital screen. Up-to-the-minute live news from this website is also accessible at the click of a button, and you can share articles via email and social media.

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Bringing you the best from our print and iPad edition each week, BJP for the iPhone is ideal for handheld reading. Rather than simply shrinking our print or iPad pages onto the iPhone screen, we have completely recreated the magazine in a format designed for the iPhone. Each page of  BJP’s iPhone editions has been engineered from scratch, so it’s easy to read, and the 100-page monthly magazine has been split into smaller, more frequent editions that can be downloaded easily when on the move.

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