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Aëla Labbé: Using Photography and Dance to Understand Herself

“Photography does not make me less of a dancer, and dance does not make me less of a photographer,” says Aëla Labbé. “They are both my means of expression.” These dual artistic inclinations converge to create a body of work that’s fluid, at times ambiguous, and which defies easy interpretation. Labbé grew up in the countryside in Saint-Nolff, a region in northwest France with a strong Celtic heritage. Her childhood not only informs the way she views the world, it also greatly informs her work. Hers was an unconstrained youth, the youngest of five children let loose in nature to catch tadpoles, swim in the river, pick wildflowers and watch chicks hatch. The family would spend summers in Romania, a nation rich with folklore, and experiences that, Labbé says, “awoke all her senses”. “The food, the music, the smell, the colours – everything about Romania has enriched my life.” At 19 she moved to Holland from her home in the wilds of Brittany to study contemporary dance at the Amsterdam School of Arts and soon …


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