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Badly Repaired Cars in East London

Being a car must be tough. One minute you’re rolling off the production line, paintjob sparkling, oiled engine ready to roar and interior reeking of volatile organic compounds. The next you’re a rusted up heap of scrap awaiting the embrace of the junkyard crusher. Along the way you suffer the slings and arrows of prangs, shunts and breakdowns that mark the journey from prized possession to old banger. Milanese photographer Ronni Campana’s Badly Repaired Cars documents damaged cars and the amateur repairs that just about bodge them back to a roadworthy condition. They range from wing mirrors secured with carrier bags, scrapes camouflaged with spraypaint, tarpaulins stretched over shattered windows and gaffer tape. Lots and lots and lots of gaffer tape. BJP spoke to Ronni about the collection: How did you become interested in this? “Fixed Badly was conceived when I began spotting some very unusual fix-ups on parked cars when I was walking home from work in London. Once I became interested, I started seeing them everywhere and became fascinated with the creativity of the …


BJP Staff