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Photographers from Rio’s Favela on show for the first time

The new exhibition, entitled Favela: Joy and Pain in the City, displays photographs taken by three young Brazilian photographers, each of whom hails from, and attempting to reflect, the experience of living in the biggest favela in Rio de Janeiro, and indeed the whole of Brazil. Their work is presented by the Observatory of the Favelas based in Maré. Photographers Bira, Elisângela and Adriano all come from Brazil’s largest favela, Maré, a favela so troubled and and blighted by violence it was occupied by 2,700 of the country’s troops from April last to the denouement of the World Cup. The series succeeds in enriching and, in some regards, challenging the ideas we have of the more deprived streets of Rio: children playing football, skateboarding and cavorting on the beach, a gaggle of children splashing around in a paddling pool, natives of the city singing and dancing to Rio’s anthem, the Cidade Maravilhosa, yet also the almost ubiquitous presence of the armed forces in Maré, the sheer poverty many children have to live with in the city, the leering, background presence, communicated through something as subtle as graffiti, …


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