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Colour pioneer Luigi Ghirri’s The Map and the Territory

“My aim is not to make PHOTOGRAPHS, but rather CHARTS and MAPS that might at the same time constitute photographs,” writes photographer and prolific writer on his craft, Luigi Ghirri in his 1973 essay, Fotografie del periodo iniziale. Trained as a surveyor, the iconography of maps and atlases prevail Ghirri’s photography. “But what if you map his work?” asks curator James Lingwood. “He was, in a way, mapping the changing topography of modern life in Europe in the 1970s and also the change in the relationship between people and images.”


HIPA Awards – Colour Photography

The winner of the coveted $120,000 grand prize at the HIPA Awards in Dubai this year was the 29-year-old Indian photographer Anurag Kumar, with this image taken during Holi, the Hindi festival of love and colours. Holi is referenced in ancient Hindu text the Puranas, and by the poet Kālidāsa during the 4th century reign of Chandragupta II. Although the word ‘Holi’ originates from the legend of ‘Holika,’ the evil sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu, it is now celebrated as a festival of new beginnings, to forgive wrongdoings, and to rid yourself of past errors and conflict. It has recently spread, in secular form, to Europe and North America. “The photo could have been restricted to red and yellow,” Kumar says, “had it not been for a man throwing a handful of blue powder over the seated worshippers, who allowed the barrage of colours to layer them.” Another Indian photographer, Aruna Bhat, won first prize with a photograph taken in Ki Gompa, a monastery of Tibetan Buddhists deep in the Indian Himalayas. Every evening, after a day of careful worship and deference, the …


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