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Louis Porter – Crap Paint Jobs

Crap Paint Jobs is a visual record of the kind of badly bodged brushwork you probably come across on a daily basis without it barely registering your attention. But for Louis Porter they are one of numerous obsessions he documents and collects in his exploration of the vernacular of the terrain vague of the city. Put them together and they take on a mischievous quality, disrupting the mundane urban status quo with their jarring colour contrasts and can’t-be-bothered attention to detail. The series is part of a larger body of work, The Small Conflict Archive, for which the 36-year-old photographer, currently living in London, goes out in search of a collection of objects or phenomena, documenting “the subtle ways in which conflict permeates modern life”. He begins with a set of headings and topics as the starting point of his collecting habit: “Some of the subjects are quite blunt, like Suburban Swastikas or Bad Driving. Others are whimsical – Emergency Assembly Points. By ‘conflict’, I don’t mean the type that makes the evening news; I’m interested in the perforations in everyday …


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