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Horror Film The Exorcist the inspiration for new Danh Vō exhibition

The exhibition is centered around Vō’s expansive 2015 installation, named after lines spoken by the demon in the infamous William Friedkin film The Exorcist, from 1973. Vō suspends over 600 mammoth fossils from the late Pleistocene period, as well as a carved ivory figure from the 17th century, from the ceiling throughout the gallery, its corridors and stairwells. The installation was first presented at the Crystal Palace, Museo Nacional Centro de Reina Sofía, Madrid as part of the 2015 exhibition Banish the Faceless / Reward your Grace. Danh Vō, pronounced yon voh, was born in 1975 in Bà Rịa, Vietnam. After the Communists’ victory and the fall of Saigon, the Vo family and 20,000 other South Vietnamese were brought in 1975 to the island of Phú Quốc. When he was four-years-old, Danh and his family fled South Vietnam in a homemade boat and was rescued at sea by a freighter belonging to the Danish Maersk shipping company. The family members settled in Denmark,  and the events that led up to their flight from Vietnam, and their assimilation into Nordic culture, are reflected in …


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