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Capturing the spirit of the world’s most iconic statues

You won’t see the Statue of Liberty or Rio de Janeiro’s imposing Christ the Redeemer in Fabrice Fouillet’s Colosses. Nor will you see the Moai heads of Easter Island. What you will find is an array of less familiar outsize statues, equally – if not more – impressive than their famous counterparts. The Paris-based photographer travelled the world for more than a year to make the series, but it all started when he stumbled across Japan’s Dai Kannon statue online. Built in 1991 and measuring 100m high, it depicts the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy and is literally named “Tall Kannon”. Fouillet was transfixed, and soon found other examples in the country – in particular, Amitabha Buddha in Ushiku, Jibbo Kannon in Kagaonsen, and Grand Byakue in Takazaki. “These statues really surprised and impressed me,” explains the 40-year-old, who contributes to publications including Wallpaper, Le Monde and The New York Times. “I became interested in their dimensions from a photographic point of view. “I set out to find others to be sure this would constitute a …


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