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How Heidi Swanson made 101 Cookbooks

“Heidi Swanson makes everything beautiful,” wrote The Washington Post’s food and dining editor Joe Yonan of her 2015 book Near & Far. “With her online boutique, blog and bestselling cookbooks, Swanson is a thinking cook’s Gwyneth Paltrow.” Photographer, author and chef Heidi Swanson started her blog 101 Cookbooks: A Natural Foods Recipe Journal in 2003, well before the web was inundated with food blogs or even blogs in general. “The number of food blogs I was aware of [then] could be counted on my fingers,” she says. Swanson’s concept for the site was heavily informed by her background in visual arts and media, after working on magazines and on some early internet sites (most notably with Chris Anderson, the innovator behind TED). During this period she was pursuing her interest in cooking, cookbooks and photography in her spare time, but she soon built up enough material to start her own blog. “I installed some early blog software on my server and thought it would be a great creative exercise to cook from – and make …


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