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Exploring the beauty of silent solitude

“I was driving in my car, searching for something to photograph, when I saw his home at the end of a gravel pat,” says Norwegian photographer Nils Thune. “It looks similar to my farm, which my parents lived in before me and was built in 1845. I thought no one lived there, it looked deserted. The key was in the door. I knocked and Ola was sitting in the kitchen.” Thune is speaking about how Ola Haugen began, a book that documents the life of an eponymous 73-year-old man who exists in rural isolation in the heart of protected Nordic mountains in the Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. Thune began photographing seriously at the age of 47 – in September 2010 – when he decided to take his first three-day workshop with the director of Nordic Light festival, Morten Krogvold. This was the first step to becoming the director’s choice photographer at this year’s festival in April. The 44 photographs that comprise the book are accompanied by captions, in Norwegian and English, with snippets of information about the subject’s life: “Ola …


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