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How Manon Wertenbroek Captures Portraits from Parisian Buses

Manon Wertenbroek, a Swiss-Dutch artist, takes inspiration from modern expressionist and contemporary paintings in her portrait and still life photography. Born in 1991, she grew up in a small village by Lake Geneva, and is currently working and living in Paris. She uses photography as a medium to flirt with sculpture and paint, and, as a result, explores the relationship between the physical and emotional dimensions of human life. But her images are much more than just a simple snapshot. Wertenbroek puts in a great deal of craftswork before pressing the ‘take-photo’ button. In fact, her latest project, “Bus Travel”, derived from images of mirrored-paper sculptures generated by a computer screen, mixed with a reproduction of paintings onto the sculptures to create further reflections. She took inspiration directly from her observations of Paris and it’s travellers, and tells more about it in a letter to the city: “The clouds create shadows on the windows and on the passengers faces. No one speaks, it’s a quiet place that leaves room for imagination. From my seat at the …


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