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Obituary: Peter Marlow

Magnum described Marlow, who joined in 1980 and became a full member in 1986 as “part of the essential glue that has held us all together.” Along with Chris Steele-Perkins, Marlow founded Magnum’s London office in 1987, living in a penthouse above the office in London’s Old Street area. Stuart Franklin, the Vice President of Magnum Photos, paid tribute to Marlow, saying he was an integral member of the world-famous agency. “Peter was a quiet, calm man, a peace maker amongst us,” Franklin said. “I have no memory of him ever raising his voice, quite remarkable for a man who’s been Magnum’s President twice and Vice President on numerous occasions. He internalised his frustrations, and lately his pain. “We have lost a very good friend to all of us. Our feelings reach out to Peter’s family at this terrible time.” Steele-Perkins, a lifelong friend as well as Magnum contemporary, said of Marlow: “I saw Peter at the London Bridge Hospital on Wed 10th February and he was tired, bored in hospital and optimistic. He had been ill …


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