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Book: Julia Fullerton-Batten’s The Act shows the performative side of voluntary sex work

Julia Fullerton-Batten has often trained her camera on women. Her first series was a semi-autobiographical look at the transition from adolescence to womanhood; Unadorned looked at the concept of beauty; Korea at traditionally dressed women in ultra modern cities. Now, “after  a year’s preparation”, she has completed The Act, a study of women who voluntarily undertake sex work in the UK. The project stems from a personal curiosity about what drives these women, some of whom are university educated but risk social stigma and family disapproval to pursue their chosen career. “Although the subject matter was clear in my mind from the outset, having little knowledge of the sex industry I wasn’t at all sure how to go about the project, how to find models, what settings and how to shoot the scenes,” says Fullerton-Batten. She enlisted a casting agent to help and found nearly 100 women prepared to get involved. “A self-professed sex worker defines her profession as consensual and breaks it down into two categories: sex work where direct contact is involved in a private setting, …


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