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Sebastian Collett went on a road trip back to his childhood in Ohio

“I suppose I’m a perpetual peripatetic,” says Sebastian Collett, who was raised in America and France, and now spends much of his time travelling across the US and Europe with his photography. But his project Vanishing Point took him back to Ohio, where he spent much of his childhood, where he decided to “explore the familiar sites of my youth and retrace my steps, so-to-speak”. The project was born in 2012 when the 41-year-old went back to attend his 20th high school reunion; he ended up staying for a month, and soon found he was reconnecting “with parts of myself that I’d almost forgotten”. He soon started taking photographs that captured the feeling, seeking out individuals and scenes that chimed with his memories. “Rather than setting out to convey a particular message I allowed instinct to lead me to the places and people I needed to photograph,” the Hartford Art School graduate says. “I began to trust that my intuition was guiding me to people or places that would serve as portals, or ‘wrinkles in …


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