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Ones to Watch 2019: Seunggu Kim

Each year, British Journal of Photography presents its Ones To Watch – a selection of 19 emerging image-makers, chosen from a list of nearly 750 nominations. Collectively, they provide a window into where photography is heading, at least in the eyes of the curators, editors, agents, festival producers and photographers we invited to nominate. Every weekend throughout May, BJP-online is sharing profiles of the 19 photographers, originally published in the magazine. Discover more here. “My work is an expression of the idea of the ‘instant culture’ that you can see in the leisure spaces of Seoul,” says South Korean photographer Seunggu Kim, referencing the intensity of urban living and the clamour of its inhabitants to find pockets for relaxation in a city where there is no time and no space. “The country’s nickname is ‘Dynamic Korea’, the expression that reveals the people’s style of behaviour is ‘pali-pali’ [fast-fast], and the typical keyword for Korea, I think, is ‘efficiency’,” says Kim, who has lived there all his life, completing his master’s at the Korea National University of …


Jimei x Arles puts Chinese photography on the map

In November this year, Jimei x Arles International Photography Festival, the sister festival to the renowned Rencontres d’Arles, celebrated its fourth edition in Xiamen, in China’s Fuijan province. With an overall view to “serve as a cultural exchange between France and China”, the annual event hopes to also raise the profile of photography in China by providing a meeting place for professionals in the field and providing a platform for emerging photographers to showcase their talent.

“It is a matter of promoting an idea of culture and art, that is both creative and popular, open to greater audiences but also a site for encounters between creatives,” explains Victoria Jonathan, one half of the creative direction team alongside Bérénice Angremy. “It is also an opportunity to nurture an artistic dialogue between Chinese and European artists and audiences. Ideas travel with exhibitions and art projects. For Arles, it is also an opportunity to have a foot in China and grow a deeper knowledge of the Chinese and Asian photography scenes.”


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