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Udacity offers photographers the chance to be Virtual Reality pioneers.

In 2003, the British photographer Robbie Cooper was employed to photograph the CEO of a large business. As they talked between shots, Cooper learnt that the man had recently separated from his wife, and didn’t get much of a chance to spend time with his kids – until he found something called Everquest. Everquest was an early iteration of the 3D fantasy-themed role-playing computer games that cropped up at the turn of the millennium when multiplayer online games were really taking off. Every evening, the businessman would log onto Everquest and, through the game, spend time with his children – or at least the cartoonish, anime-style virtual avatars of his children. As they played together online, the businessman would ask them fatherly things – how their schoolwork was going, what was going on with their friends, how their mother was getting on. He was using his virtual self to compensate for the absence of his real self. Cooper says of the experience: “This emotional exchange, taking place in the fantasy of the game, got me …


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