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BJP International Photography Award: Jack Latham is our 2019 winner

“The idea of a context vacuum is a fascinating one,” says Jack Latham of his BJP IPA winning series Parliament of Owls. “I think it’s only natural that we would want to fill these voids with theories.” Focusing on Bohemia Grove – an elite men’s club in California – Parliament of Owls explores the dangers of conspiracy theories and fake news. The club’s antics during its yearly retreats – often shrouded in secrecy – have become subject to allegations of devil worship and mock human sacrifice. “They say ‘conspiracy theories make sense of a senseless world’, and I would largely agree with that,” adds Latham. The photographer’s winning series concerns itself, in particular, with the actions of a far-right conspiracy theorist named Alex Jones, who runs the infamous website InfoWars, largely based off the profile he built for himself when he broke into Bohemia Grove to expose “the new world order” in 2000. Jones subsequently released video footage from inside the club, which provoked a bizarre attack on Bohemia Grove and introduced him to a mainstream …


Ones to Watch 2019: Valentine Bo

Each year, British Journal of Photography presents its Ones To Watch – a selection of 19 emerging image-makers, chosen from a list of nearly 750 nominations. Collectively, they provide a window into where photography is heading, at least in the eyes of the curators, editors, agents, festival producers and photographers we invited to nominate. Every weekend throughout May, BJP-online is sharing profiles of the 19 photographers, originally published in the magazine. Discover more here. A tiny, naked newborn floats in a pale red liquid, suspended at the top of a test tube, clamped and attached to a condenser of sorts. It is a stressful image, but the baby in the test tube is, in fact, sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paint to imitate the pigment of human skin, in water dyed with food colouring. “I like how the image doesn’t look literal,” says photographer and artist, Valentine Bo. “It develops a sense of duality and raises more questions than it does answers.” This is true of many of the Ukrainian’s photographs from …


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